Duffy Dillon and Joshua Grube have spent decades delivering results for their clients in the courtroom. Our firm is committed to developing a relationship with each client so that we can share their histories and stories, which go well beyond the scope of an accident or police report. 

We are based in Janesville and have a deep appreciation for our Rock County roots. If you have a case in southern Wisconsin, get in touch with us and we will work with you and for you to deliver a favorable outcome.

We focus our practice in seven main areas:

Personal injury — From car accidents and drunk driving cases to wrongful death claims and professional negligence issues, Dillon | Grube has vast experience in litigating personal injury cases.

Criminal defense — Dillon | Grube has had great success in influencing prosecutors’ charging decisions and getting criminal charges reduced or dismissed by sharing with prosecutors the rest of the client’s story. From traffic violations and DUI cases to violent offenses or parole violations, we will work with you to develop the best criminal defense strategy.

Family law —The lawyers of Dillon | Grube understand that family law cases require special care, sensitivity, and training. They have helped clients with divorce, child support, guardianships, and more.

Civil litigation — Civil litigation is a broad practice, and we have seen just about everything over the years. We have experience in claims of breach of contract and defamation, as well as disputes over property, insurance, and land use — and everything in between.

General counsel — When it comes to dealing with their day-to-day legal needs, local businesses have come to trust Dillon | Grube because they bring knowledge and experience in accounting, litigating and running a business themselves. Trust us to handle your business negotiations, investigations, sales, contracts, and more.

Business & corporate law —Business owners face unique challenges and we work closely with our business clients, not only to understand those challenges, but also to understand their business. Our business attorneys offer an extensive range of services to companies of all types and sizes. Whether you are a new entrepreneur looking to start your first business venture, or an established, multi-faceted company, our priority at Dillon | Grube is to provide professional and reliable business counseling.

Real estate law — Real estate transactions range from the routine sale and purchase of property to complex residential and commercial developments. Regardless of the size of your project, our goal is to provide our clients with the information and guidance they need to successfully complete their transaction. The real estate attorneys at Dillon | Grube are committed to excellence and providing sophisticated legal services and advocacy for all your real estate needs.

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